Zero Unveils New Electric StreetFighter

American electric motorcycle manufacturer, Zero, has unveiled the company’s new SR/F streetfighter, describing the new electric bike as an “unprecedented combination of industry-leading power, control and connection.” What is noteworthy is that the SR/F boasts of 110 bhp of power and nearly 190 Nm of peak torque, together with a range of over 250 km on a single charge. The SR/F is claimed to be the first fully “smart” motorcycle with a dedicated operating system, giving the rider the ability to monitor the bike for bike status and alerts, charging, ride data sharing, as well as system upgrades and updates.


The Zero SR/F looks like any contemporary middleweight naked with sharp looks

The Zero SR/F has conventional design, quite similar to contemporary middleweight naked bikes with sharp looks. While the power of 110 bhp may not seem much, the outright 190 Nm surge of torque is what should make the SR/F a serious performer in the electric motorcycle space, and should make it comparable to middleweight performance nakeds with internal combustion engines. The range on a single charge is expected to get a boost to up to 320 km, with Zero’s Power Tank which is expected to be introduced later in the year.


The TFT dash offers smart connectivity through Zero’s proprietary app and access to riding modes and other electronics

The SR/F’s Cypher III operating system also uses Zero’s latest app and TFT dash, combined with Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) system, which provides cornering ABS, traction control and drag torque control from the motor. The SR/F also offers rider modes including Street, Sport, Eco and Rain, together with a custom made that can be programmed in 10 different ways. In the UK, the Zero SR/F premium model with a 6kW rapid charger, fly screen and heated grips is priced at GBP 19,990 (around ₹ 18.9 lakh in current exchange rates), while the SR/F standard version with a 3kW rapid charger is priced at GBP 17,990 (around ₹ 16.9 lakh under current exchange rates). So far, there’s no word on any plans of Zero offering the company’s electric motorcycles in India.